16 June 2009

A whole new beginning

Da title says it all right?n yeah they do. =) hey folks!Emora here!some of u may noe me from Myspace or Friendster.n now I finally made my own blog so dat i can share with ya lots of things dat happen in my lyfe as a young teen. to start my very first blog for today,let me share wit ya bout myself aite!Well my real name's not Emora fer sure.haha!It's juz a combination name of Emo and my short name Ra.My real,real name is Nur Syaheera Ahmad. n now u noe.haha!kinda weird isn't it.?hehe.I created my nick name when I furthered my study at Perak Matriculation College.or known as KMPk.A happy place to be! XD wee!

To be honest guys n girls,I'll b turning 19 dis upcoming July 2009.yeah dats true,I'm getting a year older every year.ngee!I noe some of u might not beleive dat I'm 19 cuz most of people dat I met think dat I'm a 17 or 16 year old girl.N i dunnoe y they think dat way.But neva mind.

What else yeah..ouw!I do love to do sumthing different than others!Like sumthink dat no one else can do.Ya noe,weird stuff. =p my friends thought dat I'm weird.from da tyme when I was still in high school til da tyme when I was in matrix.N being weird is a whole lot fun cuz people will recognise u easily!wink!

When I feel free,I do a lot of Photoshop!yup!u noe,da editing picture thingy.yeah! XD haha!I love to edit pictures,reali do!cuz I can turn myself in pictures into unimaginable things.Maybe this is my talent dat God gave to me.n I reali thankful for what I ave right now.

Hey I think dats all yeah.U can contact me thru Myspace or Friendster if u want to.Juz go to these two urls' okay!For Myspacers,juz go to www.myspace.com/eeraz n for Friendsters,juz go to www.friendster.com/zanynasyafieera.Tata for now!


iszee™ said...

ehem². test speak in english , hahaa !
go sis go sis! =.=

Chi-BOB said...

welcome to the world of bloggy! ^_^