29 November 2009

Burn down the calories!!

Rude awakening:God..another one kilo..I'm getting chubbier even more.darn it.

That's why I went for a jog with my family at Manjung stadium,which is not too far away from my lovely home.I can only make two rounds for today.Sweats all over my face and I'm getting healthier.hehe..After that,we went to Lumut to eat.Yeah..I know,I put another calorie after workout. -.-'
First photo:Yellow shirt is my mum.
Second photo:My second brother doing sit up
Third photo:My dad and my youngest brother doing some pumping
Haha!I look super chubby right..-.-'

28 November 2009

What a beatiful view here in kampung..

Just came back from kampung.So happy to see my grandma and celebrated Aidiladha with family and relatives.
First day we came,all I can see is paddy fields were no longer green but brownish mud pool.Maybe because of the flood.But that evening,the view was damn fantastic.And I was so calm and thankful to see the nature that has been created by Allah.Here are photos that has been captured by me and my youngest brother with my Sony Ericsson C510a. =) Enjoy.

My mum's hometown.The upper photo is the house and below is the lawn.


 The sunset photos have been captured by my brother using my handphone.Credits to him. =)

23 November 2009

Book worm?

Before I know how to use a computer or go online, I always spend my whole time by reading.Every time i went to JJ,first place that I will go is MPH Bookstore and buy at least a book or two.At that time,I don't give a damn about buying new clothes or shoes,(well you know,stuffs that girls always buy when they go shopping) cuz all I can think of is a new book. And you know what,my room is like a small library,full with books!And I love to live with all these books. =) Take a look at my photosnaps down here!Enjoy!

Jean Ure is one of my ace fav author!

I also make a small collection of Gempak and Klik!
And right now I read this book that I bought last week at Kinokuniya,A Hard Death

Half way to the end! =)

P/s:A book worm?You make a judgment aite!

21 November 2009


Yeah I know that movie was already shown last week.but at least i already seen it right?
Back to the main particular point please..Thank You.
Today,my family and I went to see 2012 at cinema.well even though the cinema is kinda small..but hey at least we got one cinema rather than zero cinema right?So,my mum already booked 5 tickets two days early..cuz she said that the tickets might be sold out.We were very excited (especially my youngest bro) cuz we already watched the movie trailer in you tube,and from that,we know that the movie will be so cool.

To make it short,we arrived at about 11.30 a.m.It was raining heavily,so there were a lot of people outside the cinema.from young teens,couples to young adults.As usual,we bought pepsis and pop corns.After that,we went inside,and found the gate which is number 2.When we went inside,it was perfectly empty,except us. Well I thought maybe we went in so early,so we just sit at our own seats and wait...

11.45 a.m-Still the five of us in the room..None of those young teens or whatever people they were came into the room.So awkward..I thought maybe we got the wrong room.So I checked the ticket and it said gate number 2.So okay,maybe we were the only five who didn't see the movie yet..Maybe..

11.50 a.m-The screen was totally blank..At this time,the screen will show trailers from new movies..But hell no,it was completely blank.just a perfect shiny,big white screen in front of us.and still no people came.only five of us...again..'Damn,are we in the right place or what?',I said to myself.

12.00 p.m-Still a blank screen..O God,was this some kind of a sick joke or what..Were this thing on?

...2 minutes later..

Finally...The screen was not blank anymore.A movie trailer!Yippie!I was so excited at that moment!We were in the right place!Haha!Well,after 10 minutes,people started to come and find their seats in the dark.
So,in conclusion,they were late. The end. =)

P/s:What can I say about 2012 movie?5 stars!My ace-fave disastrous movie this year.I kinda adore and love their 3D graphics. from the earthquakes to the meteors..Like how they did such a realistic scene..Damn fantastic!

20 November 2009

Photoshop lagi!

pTransformasi dari gambar yang biasa kepada yang luar biasa


Gambar yang digunakan dalam proses transformasi gambar

Tekstur gambar diubah suai menggunakan photoscape dan photoshop


17 November 2009

BMFU photography session

Hehe..entry ni sepatutnye dah lame aku post sebab bende ni dah lame berlaku.tapi tak sempat nak letak sebab busy dengan study.

p/s:Gambar2 di atas ini hasil shot kak teha,diriku sendiri,abang yang jage sesi foto dan sesape je la yang terlibat.trimass!

Hasil karya aku setakat ini

Banner aku kat myspace

Model:Syafiqah(my BMFU classmate)

Habis sudah Final...

After final..Hooray!
Seriously..dont be too happy when your final's over.
I mean you can,but just dont be too overreacted.
Did you do well enough in your final?
Think bout that..

The story after final has just begun

Hey to the world of freedom!

Betapa seronoknye hatiku bile detik 12 tengahari,hari sabtu menjelang tibe.last paper for that day!yeah!
I'm totally sure that everyone's happy bout that huh?
Tapi kegembiraan aku hanyelah sementare sahaje.Sebab aku tau aku tak perform betul2 mase exam..lebih2 lagi paper2 yang aku rase aku tak dapat nak mencapai tahap cgpa yang tinggi.Antarenye :

  • C++ (Walaupun hakikatnye antare subjek kegemaranku)

  • Static and strength of materials

  • Engineering maths

Yang laen tuh,aku harap dapatla skor..walaupun aku tak berape nak pandai,tapi aku dah berusaha.itu yang penting.so...serahkan saje pada Allah yang maha esa.Amiin..