23 November 2009

Book worm?

Before I know how to use a computer or go online, I always spend my whole time by reading.Every time i went to JJ,first place that I will go is MPH Bookstore and buy at least a book or two.At that time,I don't give a damn about buying new clothes or shoes,(well you know,stuffs that girls always buy when they go shopping) cuz all I can think of is a new book. And you know what,my room is like a small library,full with books!And I love to live with all these books. =) Take a look at my photosnaps down here!Enjoy!

Jean Ure is one of my ace fav author!

I also make a small collection of Gempak and Klik!
And right now I read this book that I bought last week at Kinokuniya,A Hard Death

Half way to the end! =)

P/s:A book worm?You make a judgment aite!

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