23 August 2015

After 22 November 2014

It has been a long time aku tak post anything on own blog.
Dah bersarang dengan post lama.
Let me restart all over again.

Hai. Saya Rara. 25. Dan ya, saya bukan single. =p

After 22nd November 2014, things already changed.
I am someone's wife.
I am not in a group of S or M size. Super huge than before. T_T
And I still love my food.

It's a bit odd at first to find out that you need to change your habits.
Cooking? Yes. Day by day I will always referred to any types of 'Google' recipes.
Sebab by follow all the steps given, then my cooking will be an A plus.
Sort of.

And yes, as we already married before bulan Puasa started,
I need to get up earlier than 6.
We got no problem at picking which hometown to go to for Raya.
And luckily, we ended up Raya at both hometowns. Lovely.

So now it's already 9 months of marriage.
Setiap hari bangun pagi, you will have that sense of 'Tak sangka dah jadi isteri orang'
Sebab before getting married, aku selalu check the calendar.

So now I am a happy woman.
Love you dear husband.
Always will.