08 August 2009

August 9,back to Melaka =)

Yeah,tomorrow i'll be going back to Melaka,my second home. =) o how i really miss my housemates!n my classmatez as well.can't wait to meet them tomorrow!like always,i already packed all my belongings for tomorrow.3 bags that i need to carry,which are my backpack,my another bag (that i love the most cuz it got disney Up logo.hehe),n of coz my laptop bag.my bus for tomorrow will be around 9 a.m.so i need to wake up earlier than usual.

My bags,and my personal things.new rexona! XD nk promote nie.hehe.

and ouw btw, my family and i went to pizza hut to celebrate cuz i'll be going back tomorrow.hehe.we ate hawaian pizza and chicken supreme pizza.and then we went to Lumut waterfront.I love that place so much because of the scenery..hihi..and then we went to this no-name restaurant,drank caffe latte. =) damn good!

Lumut waterfront.

this is mine =p and my parents'.hehe..

Conclusion is I am so damn happy to be with my family!And this will be my last post cuz after this i'll be rarely online. =) keep in touch aite peeps!

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