19 August 2009


Fun fact : I hate electric electronic subject

Why o why i need to learn this thing.specially when it comes to lab.Only God knows how suffered I was on that lab day.Hey seriously i preferred touching rats than touching these tiny resistors ..urgh.! 3 hours in the lab feels like 3 years in prison.no matter how hard i focused on this thing,i still can't make things rite.Every person that i ask will keep givin' me this same answer..'Elektrik senangla..'really?

Take for an example.

Today,August 25th 2009:during electric electronic principle class.
Learnt about AC aka alternating current.I kept yawning for more than 9 times during that class.seriously I felt so damn tired cuz of 'Study Stay Up Program'.I can't even see clearly what was on the board because everything's turn double imaged.Ya noe what i mean ryte?haha!Then,my lecturer gave us 4 questions bout AC.

All of the sudden,out of nowhere..she asked.
'Syaheera.. with the double E.Answer the rms current number 1'
O god..she's calling me..damn it
Seriously my head at that time felt so blurred..that I cant even answered that question..
Then she asked me what's the formula for Ohm's law.then i said V=IR.Then i suddenly saw that the question just ask about the current.so just substitute the value into the formula.
Now I felt so sick at that particular point.it's so damn perfectly darn easy.
Without waiting for my answer,she answered that question.I felt so damn ashamed at that time that my eyes started to cry.I already studied last night.But my brain just turned blank when it turned to answer the question.

Moral of the story:Dont stay up too late when you have morning classes the next day.

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