17 June 2009

Forensic n CSI.same thing!

I can't miss watching every episodes of csi!whether it is csi las vegas,csi new york but i rarely watched csi miami for sure.wanna noe y?cuz i can't even stand watching Horatio Cane with his sunglasses.i mean what's up with that?haha!well yeah,at exact 10 p.m,i already sit in front of tv,turn on to channel 701,axn.today's csi las vegas was much more cooler n special because it was their 200th episode,n damn that's major cool!they also put some interesting facts about csi.n i loved it!

But from the three csis,the one that i really love is csi new york!
I love all the casts,n also their episodes as well.major
Here's the list of all the characters that I can remember,hehe..
Mac Taylor
Stella Bonasera
Lindsay Monroe
Danny Messer
Don Flack
Sheldon Hawks
Dr Sid
Peyton Driscoll
Adam Ross
Jessica Angell
N all these csi thingy do inspired me and at that time I said to myself that someday i will be one of the csi team members,which is a forensic.

when i was at the age of 17,i realized that being a forensic was so damn fun.the gadgets,their uniforms,the labs...n god how i was very serious of becoming a forensic one day.but i dunno about now.because of my not-so-helping result during my matrix tyme,maybe forensic course is not my major after all.But i still put the forensic course at my last choice in UPU.haha!
Pray for my succes folks!

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kinaxowani said...

i love it tooooooo~!
gimme 5 lol! :)