16 June 2009

My own words.. =)

Aq bru je pas mengusha kembali journal aq mase kt sek men dlu..tyme tuh form 4 kut,teacher yati ( my fav3 eng teacher!) suro kitorunk wt satu jorunla dlm versi eng so kitorunk dpt improvekn lagy vocabulary bi..hehe..aq ah pling sronok mase tuh sbb aq ske wt bnde2 nie.hehe..ade sum wordings yg aq tulis dlm journal aq yg watkn aq sndri tertrik nk bce berulang kali.so aq nk guk kngsi ngn korunk. =)

->March 18th 2008<- ...eventhough i'm now a young teenage girl but still I reali2 wana go back to school,2 be a girl with a childish attitude..a 13 year old kiddo who wants to hang out with her friends at school.But unfortunately I can't turn back tyme..cuz now i already half grown up.I've to b matured n need to take responsibility for me n my family.Mum always said,"be matured!dun be such a childish person,U already 18,missy!"yea2..I noe dat..Juz need a lil bit of tyme to settle dis things up... N ayt di bwh nie plak tlh ditulis oleh ckgu yati sndri.. =) kate2 smgt bg aq.dye reply blik journal yg aq tulis pade trikh...

->July 3rd 2006<- Feedback from teacher yati ..you have to learn something from your own mistakes,but I could see a lot of improvement in your language.It shows that you really work hard.Don't give up..but take it as positive challenges in your life to work harder.and to be more successful in your future..good luck! Ayat nie la yg wtkn aq lebeyh bersmgt utk x berputus ase!tq teacher! =) i love you!

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dyana azyana said...

hoho. aku juga rindu cikgu yati. and i'll be her follower now. cikgu. =P