16 June 2009

Photoshop Request

Yup2!Editing request on da go folks!If u want me to edit ur picture into something new,U can contact me thru my blog or juz contact me thru myspace or friendster.Dis is juz a beginning of my part time business..(well,sort of). =)

If u r interested,juz follow the rules ok?

-> pick at least one photo of urs for me to edit.dats for sure ryte?

->you can give ur photo thru myspace if u have one,juz upload it at ur own album,n i juz grab it.simple is it?or u can also give me thru ym.i 'll give you my ym address if u really2 interested ok?

->all of my editings will be put '290790' as a signature of my own designs.

->from now on,I'll put chargers for a photo dat i already edit.
For one single photo ,it'll cost for only RM5 topup!whether it is celcom or maxis.juz give da code number of the topup,n dats it. =)

->If u do not understand,u can ask me.I won't bite. =p


Anonymous said...

do you have ym? can i get the email?

iszee™ said...

nak free bleyh ? hahaa :D