17 June 2009

Three new photoshop photos

Three new photos. =)

These two photos belong to Myra,one of my myspacer.
First photo,with photo manipulation technique,I changed the background into dark forest.
N i use wing brush to look more interesting.
n lastly,I adjusted the colour of the photo n I also used photoscape to make it more realistic.
Da second photo,I juz erased all da background to black.
N with a touch of photoscape,I made dis photo look more antique.

N dis one belongs to ayzum,also one of my myspacer.
I used cut n paste effect by cutting the mask from another photo.
then i used blending mode to suit the photo to make the mask look more realistic.
then,i put a lens flare at her necklace to make it look sparkle.=)

More Photos will be put here folks!


iszee™ said...

yeay , bleyh tiru ;)

syazafall said...


nyna said...

siyes ini lawa!
ske pic yg last skali 2..
u mmg trer la bab edit2 pic nie