04 December 2009

December already?

Rude Awakening : December means time for me to study is getting closer and closer..

Today is December 4th 2009.After my cellphone clock strikes 0000,it will change to December 5th 2009.December,a month that I will simply think about Christmas,where there will be lots of cartoons,movies,etc..etc..on tv!LOL!And I need to switch my holiday mode completely back into study mode after Dec 27th cuz I'll be going back to my second home,which is my campus in Malacca.
So,when it comes to December,all of the megastores or megamalls will be decorated with lots and lots of christmas decorations!Christmas trees,huge snowmen,presents..And when it comes to that stuffs,my camera phone is on!Location : Jaya Jusco, Pulau Pinang

--> Snowman made of cardboards!and christmas tree!

--> Big presents for me and my lil brother

-->My lil brother snap this photo.He said he wants to snap in an 'Eagle Eye' angle.
But it makes me look more chubbier. -.-'
P/S: Does Santa Clause really exist??

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