25 June 2009

Another Three Model Photoshop!

Yeah u said it!another 3 model photoshops!

Model:Dean Stiffler aka Eisz
One of my myspacer
I just cut the background n replace it with dust space background
n then just adjust all the blend mode in this colour to make look more realistic.

Myspacer too
Cut and paste technique as well
Just edit the background cuz da face is just perfect.
Blend mode adjusting
that's all!

Another myspacer
Look at the hair colour and the eyes and the lips
They're just fake cuz I edit all of them
I cut and paste the iris of her eyes
Use the soft rounded brush to change the hair colour
and then i make it look more vintage.

Wee!More and more models will be put here!


.sHaZa. said...

ra..kn yg rmbt tuh kn..xsush ke nk warna yg part yg selai2 tuh..?

nyna said...

kgum ngn artwork u!

alinsygs ouh sygs said...

lawa lahh cs edit . good job . edit utk alin jugak . haha