06 March 2010

Tag lagi~~!

Rude Awakening : Ditag oleh Atyn~
Dalam tengah keadaan yang sangat stress,dengan autocad yang dalam proses nak siapkan,aku ternampak munculnya nick Atyn kat chatbox,mengatakan yang aku telah pun ditag.So,aku pun buatlah dengan sukarelanya tanpa sebarang bantahan dari mana2 belah pihak

1. Bold the statements that ARE true to you.
2. Italicize the statements that you WISH were true.
3. Leave the rest alone.
4. Then, tag 10 people to do the same test.

My real name is not Emora
I'm a total childish eventhough my age is already 20 this year

Wish i have a DSLR camera at this particular moment
Stubborn is already in my attitude
I hate frogs
I can't forget my first love with my ex
I hate to be neglected
I love my smoochie teddy bear
I don't have any special boyfriend
Sometimes I do feel stupid
I don't have any courage to stand up on my own
I look tall in pictures but reality,I'm short
People think that I look like a 16 year old kid,not a 20 year old girl
I love spicy food~
Totally addicted to Coke
I'm taking an Engineering course even though I am more to arts
My family knows my blog and my facebook.Including my YM
Still searching for a true love
I still can't score 3 pointer and above from matrix till now
Procrastination is already in my blood
I can't sleep until clock strikes 3 o'clock in the morning
My weight now is 47kg
I look so damn chubby at this particular moment
I'm now more on facebook than myspace
Blogging is my newest hobby 
I love rock songs rather than ballads
I miss my roller blade
I love to dance when there is no one at home
I love to read english novels than malay
I love hugs and kisses
I participated in high jump since form 1 until form 5
I love sports
I hate horror movies,but i love to edit horror pictures
Just a normal person but totally a different person when I'm online
They called me Emora but they don't even know my real name
I wish i have a sister and a brother in my family
My english starts to get terrible ever since I left my high school

Sudah.So sape yang aku nak tag ek?
-->Bintunk Ungu
-->And sape2 yang rajin nak buat tag nie.


Nabiel said...

aku kne tag!!hehehe~:P

ZACK ENTRY said...

seb bek tak kene..=P

Muhammad Safie said...

sudah jawab tag..hehe

Anonymous said...

x leh lupe ex?? oohh nooo

Emora Valeria said...

boleh je..hehe